Small Business Accounting Class

Hey everyone!

One of our business partners, Hutton Phelps, is offering a class on small business accounting so we wanted to pass along the opportunity. If anyone is interested please feel free to comment on this thread or send me an email at and I will get you in touch with our contact.

Here is some info on the course:

Accounting provides the framework to evaluate the financial health and success of a business. Small Business Accounting is a practical introduction to basic accounting concepts and the primary financial statements. By learning some basic accounting knowledge and skills, small business owners will be better able to evaluate new opportunities, manage current operations, ensure timely and accurate tax compliance and attract new partners or investors. This course provides a foundation for using accounting concepts as an essential tool in managing a small business.

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  1. Understand the basic components of the primary financial statements – balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement
  2. Understand the interaction between different statements and individual accounting entries
  3. Apply these basic accounting concepts to a small business
  4. Use the knowledge from this class as a foundation for working with an accounting software package

$85 per company

More here:

When will this be held?

I noticed that there will be a book provided with the class- does that mean this course will take place at many different satellite locations in person? or will they mail us the book before an online webinar perhaps?

I am getting the answers to these questions right now, just waiting to get an answer and then I will post here! Thanks for your patience everyone!

They send the materials directly to you. It is an online class so you download the book.

I’d say it would be sent, and the class is online.

$85 bucks is cheap, my accounting book [B]alone[/B] was like $150 bucks.
And the class was about $400.

And that was back in 2009?

[MENTION=26203]Jessica[/MENTION], Any idea yet as to when this online seminar will be held?

[MENTION=26203]Jessica[/MENTION] Any info yet from the company as to a date

[MENTION=3037]yourwindowcleaner[/MENTION] Hi there Bob! We (as in Window Cleaning Resource) get to pick the date. I need a minimum of 3 people to get this going so I would need confirmation by at least 3 people that they would be interested in us setting this up. I hope this helps!

I will sign up :slight_smile:

I’m all in!

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[MENTION=3037]yourwindowcleaner[/MENTION] Can I put you down as a definite? :slight_smile:

[MENTION=1736]JfromtheD[/MENTION] What was the name of your accounting book?

Yes, as long as there is no conflict on the date chosen.

…definitely interested…

I am really appreciating this community right now. Wanting your customers to succeed and not just buy stuff is what separates you guys from everyone else.
I’m interested as long as it doesnt fall out on passover purim or sabbath. Keep me posted.

(not vary imaginative, huh?) :smiley:

It is by Horngren/Harrison if that helps.
7e (which I suppose is the 7th edition)

^ i have this exact book on the magazine rack next to the potty in my master bath.

Also, [MENTION=26203]Jessica[/MENTION], i’m interested, as long as the date and time works for my schedule.

Ha. That’s awesome.

After my post, I looked it up (7e,) and I guess they are currently on the 10th edition.

  • we’re getting old, man!!

speak for yourself! i got a ways to go before i’m “40-something” :cool:

::heads off to chiropractic appointment::

lol. They can’t blamed for the redundancy in the title… they’re book keeping desk jockey’s; there’s a possibility, words may not be they’re strong suit. :wink:

I definitely need to grow in my financial literacy. Is [I]“Accounting”[/I] very readable, or is it filled with a lot of jargon normal people like me wouldn’t be able to understand?

What’s the name of your business?