Small business tax credits- Obama

My wife just told me about an apparent bill that passed helping small businesses purchase equipment. She said that whatever equipment I buy, half of the cost will be reimbursed back to me. I don’t know a thing about this except I did hear a small segment on NPR or something discussing it. I didn’t even know if it had passed. And it had not occurred to me that it might be of special interest to my business.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?? I’m probably not making much sense.

I’m going to do some searching and see if I can find any more about this bill but thought it would be worth asking about here. Perhaps some of you are familiar with it. If you are, please fill me in.

I know what you’re talking about… I’ve read it, but still trying to grasp it.

It’s Bill HR 5297, and it passed last week.
It allows you to write off you and your family’s health insurance, increases start up expenditures from $5k to $20k, and sinks $30 billion into small banks to increase small bus loans.

Here’s a good summary, as I’m not so great at explaining. :smiley:

not trying to start a war about politics but it’s funny how you don’t hear about this kind of thing from the republicans. to hear them talk, they insist he’s trying to or will hurt small business.

They discovered they are actually going to be held accountable for what they cause.
The people are a little less dumb than they have been.