Small High Windows

I did a couple of old industrial windows today. 16 panes of glass apiece; 4 across & 4 down. The center 4 panes opened out from the bottom so I could clean a lot from the inside: but not those top 4 panes. My 18’ sectional reached the bottom of the big window so I needed to use a pole. The panes were 11-1/2" wide so I used my 11" squeegee. I’m thinking that was a mistake. Better to use a 6" and make a couple of pulls. Would you agree? Doing it my way there was a lot to detail afterward. Also, what do you recommend for detailing a small window that high–especially the bottom? [there was an aluminum ledge under the middle 2 making it hard to reach the bottom]. I’m thinking of draping a towel over a cut-down T-bar. Polish the window that way. I would appreciate any ideas you have on a job like this. Thank you.

I’ll have to take a photo of my method… otherwise it would just sound odd… I’ll try tonight.

edit… only took me a couple minutes, already had one close.

first, I use a curved pole ( to wash the bottom of the glass and the ledge ), and a ledger squeegee handle to reach the bottom.

now the tricky part;

I use a (wire coat hanger, heavy gauge aluminum wire, etc. ) and make a towel holder behind the ledger and attach it with an old rubber blade (seems to work best):

fold up a towel and rubber band it to the holder so it’s away from the glass for the pulls:
(towel left off for visual)

spin it around to detail the tops and sides, adjust the towel for the next piece:

I know most don’t run curves and ledgers but, this is one of the many reasons I do.

works for any sized glass…

hope that gives you an idea or two. good luck.


Nice adapter for the towel…Got to like how crafty a window cleaner can be.

Nice job Jimmy I take two…LOL

nope, free… just got to adjust to your job as needed.

I use that thing for 3rd floor condos with 2nd floor glass with minimal deck. basically vertical. works good for the OP’s situation too. IF you have a ledger and curved end piece on your pole. (longarm can sponser me at any time, lol)

vertical stuff s tricky…


You can also use an Unger Fixi Clamp. You can clamp a towel or steel wool into it and do the same thing as demonstrated above.

That’s awesome Jimmy. Here’s a video for DIY people. The more tricks you have up your sleeve in the window cleaning business, the better IMO

Using a wagtail squeegee with DIY curved window cleaning pole - YouTube

I wish I could find the other video showing how to use a heat gun to bend pvc to make your own curved attachment. He-Man probably has a video somewhere showing that - he’s made everything else.

I will have to try the coat hanger method. Saves you the time of hefting the pole down, sticking a fixi-clamp on it and hoisting the pole back up. Not to bad at 10 ft, but at 20+, really annoying. Especially if it’s hot out and your window cleaning solution is evaporating quickly.