Small window efficiency

Just wondering if anyone has any clever way of cleaning windows like this efficiently? It took me 23 minutes to do the outside (stepladder) and 23 inside. 72 window panes. My method is to wash with a water cloth then my soap ‘doodle’ then squeegee and finish by wiping each edge with a dry towel. I do 9/12 windows at a time


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Have you looked at the window cleaners on YouTube yet?

Wfp for exteriors.

Squeegees cut to size for interiors:

I can’t get away with doing all types without detailing, though.

I think I wasted some time in the video above by working too large an area at once. That made me have to rewet the panes after scrubbing.


Love that wooden sectional ladder

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if not using WFP on the exterior, if you don’t have one then cut a squeegee channel to the correct size. Detailing the edges of each after squeegee is really the time consuming part. Get into a rhythm and basically a “production line” fashion and it goes a little better.
Those individual cut ups are a pain to do, which is why they cost a little more than a standard window.

You would hate them after working with them all day. Just head piece no problem , but 3 & 4 Pieces to heavy.

Thanks. That’s more or less how I am doing it but probably a bit slower than me. Was hoping for some magic trick haha. May have to look into wfp

probably wouldn’t be cost efficient for me to cut squeegees to fit all the different sizes of small windows I do. But would definitely make it easier! I love it when mine perfectly fits in a frame!

1/4” increments will get you close enough so you can take up any slack with the rubber sticking out the ends.

Figure most cutups are somewhere between 4” and 12”, and you’ve only got 32 squeegees to keep track of (8” range x 4 per inch). Order sixteen cheap 16” aluminum channels, and spend 20 minutes with a metal cutoff saw.

You should only need to make around 16 cuts, since you’ll get two sizes from each squeegee.

Make a note of what sizes you use on each job, and the next time around you can pull those sizes out of your kit while you’re getting set up. Most houses I do require only 3 or 4 sizes besides my usual 14” EDC squeege.


Quicker way to do French panes.:sunglasses:


Lol @ “our favorite thing do … clean French windows”. Great vid :+1:t2:

Pretty much how I’d do it. Before I had a wfp, If the whole house was divided glass and hadn’t been maintained properly I’d prewash the exterior glass first with a brush/soap&water. Just to remove the heavy dirt. Then just let them dry and start on the inside or back where you began, detailing them out with a spray cleaner like in the vid. A good spray cleaner will dry without leaving residue. The real fun jobs will have storms covering the divided light so you can start on those while the windows drip dry. :crazy_face:

I’ve seen a number of cleaners wet divided light in doors and then cut the soap off with a blade. Makes me cringe; seen more than share of bad tempered glass in French doors. Maybe it’s not an issue everywhere, but I’d be real careful about using a blade on tempered divided light myself. Cleaning them like in the video would be a lot safer way to clean them. If they have paint/debris on them you can proceed from there. Just my .02 cents.


Watch polz n bladz on youtube…he teaches precision which inherently makes you faster…after learning from him and practicing a bit…I can clear a block of windows in 1/3 the time I did before and the quality is perfect with much less effort. Forget cutting a channel to fit, you’ll inevitably leave water running down the window and have to wipe the crap out of it and leave lint behind. You want to fan the glass with zero detailing them simply wipe the bottom of the frame to get the slop water off before doing the next row down. Trust me, I do French panes constantly and learned to enjoy it.

Also try using facelift razr red rubber…its tough enough to take the punishment of wooden frames and last a long time…dont listen to the wfp junkies…I have used wfp for 20 yrs so it works for me but if you dont really have a knack for it you will always have spots on wooden frames…even wfp takes years to perfect and exactly the right equipment which is expensive. Squeegees are inexpensive and easy to learn quickly

Fanning with 6” squeegee is a nightmare in my eyes , but if the cut-up is big enough for a 10” then yes. Other than that I go with a squeegee that fits one pull done.
I like the spray idea , But fanning is the best way to go in my eyes , hate cut-ups either way
WFP outside ,then I don’t mind them !!

I’d rather just hire @Infinity to do it for me. :sunglasses:


“Squeegees are inexpensive and easy to learn quickly”

For you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t trust just anybody to fan a cut up and get it right every time. I’ve been at it over 25 years and I just don’t have the athleticism or perhaps the eye hand coordination to get it right every time. The guys who can do it don’t realize how difficult it is perhaps ithey are gifted. :sunglasses:

For me it’s a one swipe channel for everything smaller than 8 1/2 “ wide but I can fan everything over 10” wide to perfection. I’m probably not the only guy.


Your either leaving water run down your window of wiping with a rag and leaving lint behind…cheer up, you’ll figure it out some day cubby. In the mean time listen to good council and you’ll grow in wisdom.

Outside is wfp, inside is a Sorbo Multisqueegee.

Just finished one today. WFP outside, single pull inside. Even still, every time we do a home with TDL I say to myself “I should’ve charged more…”

What does TDL mean?