Smart Service looks promising

[COLOR=Blue]I got an e-mail from Quickbooks today telling me about the “smart service” add-on. Here is the link. I have Service CEO and have too much invested in it to be changing right now but I wish I had shopped around more before buying it.[/COLOR]

Hey Steve

I played with that smart service quite a bit. I probably would have went with it if I wasn’t all involved in CEO. Quick books integration is a great idea. The quick books integration for CEO is laughable it barely works.

What is the cost for this software?

I stumbled across their website last fall. Spoke to a competitor in my area that uses it and he told me that all of your info is stored on their servers. I dont know if this is fact or fiction? If their servers go down, so is my business. Kinda risky. Anyone know if this is so? It is a lease program from what I gather.


Steve I think they use a data base on your own PC…