Snacks on residential routes

What are you guys eating on resi jobs lately…or in between jobs, so as to speak.

Me: Noodles(if i can get to some boiling water)
mars bar
chicken and brown sauce roll

what about you?

Sorry this is prob in wrong forum…should have gone into conversation i suppose.

but what d’ya eat on the job

I would always have a gallon of water / granola bars / and yogurt.

For me:

• Granola bars
• Mixed nuts/dry fruit
• Light sandwich
• Water
• Gatorade

I’ve gotta eat more in the day. I’ve lost nearly 20lbs since last winter. Can hardly keep my pants up. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually keep a couple packs of peanut butter crackers in the truck just in case I’m hungry before lunch time, or after lunch. I always keep a cooler full of ice, water and gatorade.

I will not pack a lunch. For me, it’s nice to get away for 30 minutes or so from a large job. I don’t care if I have to drive 10 miles. When I come back I’m focused and get a lot more work done.

99% of my residential work is done around one of the lakes here, where it’s mostly multi-million dollar homes. It’s a little ways away from everything, so I try to eat where the locals eat lunch. It’s a great way to hand out business cards. On a few occasions, I have even seen the homeowner’s there eating whose house I’m cleaning!

Must be all that money weighing your pockets down.

Loonies and toonies. If I fell into a customer’s pool I’d drown!

Just water, around 2 gallons, sometimes more this time of year. I stop for lunch, no matter where, for a proper sit-down meal & as many coffees I can fit in.

I try not to stop for lunch, but I’ll usually grab something from the truck around lunchtime while I’m dropping off towels or swapping out a rubber or something. I usually carry a granola bar, pack of nabs, and a banana or apple. Other than that, lots of water and a bit of Gatorade lately. I like to work through lunch since it makes the workday shorter. Usually, I can be done before 4pm and I can get my afternoon coffee on.

I have a VERY bad habit of not eating or drinking at all during the day, more so if I’m on a big job that I want to get done by a certain time. I just get too focused on work.
But lately I’ve been making more of an effort to pack a lunch, especially when doing residential jobs. Usually, a cooler with ice, granola bars, sandwiches, banana, apple, yogurt, cookies, nuts(trail mix). And a 4L container of water. I still usually end up eating the food after the job or before, which i guess isn’t too bad, but I am trying to get in the habit of stopping every two hours to take 15 min. and eat and drink. I do from time to time go and grab a quick lunch at a chip stand or something or restaurant if I’m on a commercial day.

I can tell you what our “competition” is eating on Residential jobs. I got a call from an elderly woman this past week who told me that the men from the last window cleaning company she had, ate all of her CANDY while they were there doing her windows and she was appalled!!!

I eat Tommy’s Burgers with Chili cheese fries…

I’m a lunch packer. Usually tuna and a lot of water. I can eat like a horse so it was always so easy for me to waste $20 per day. Once I started packing lunch I saw the money I was saving.
But I’ll occasionally stop for a vitamin water and everything bagel.

I will agree with Mark though. Last spring I lost about 20lbs of winter fat. My pants were a little saggy but I felt better.

I start my morning with the monster energy drink. other than that I stick to water and cliff bars, mixed nuts. Most of the time I skip eating. I am working to finish and just flat out forget about it.

Water, protein bars,energy drink,asprin

I cant recall ever “eating while working”,though I have never spent more than 4 hours on a job,I am a beginner all focus goes to working the WFP “simply fascinates me”

There was a time in my life that a hydraulic sandwich referred to an Ice Cold Budweiser.:smiley:

Today my liquid lunches consist of a protein shake and/or a protein bar every 2-3 hours. Keeps me from losing energy and getting all shaky. Plus I have lost about 20 lbs.

Havin’ to bat the girlies away is a great hobby.


We all gotta have a hobby right?:stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever is in the customer’s refrigerator.

We try to make sure that we eat before we get to a customers house. However, along with the 5 gallons (20L for you Canucks) of icewater in a water jug, plenty of gatorade, and an occasional Monster, we will scarf down a few small pieces of beef jerky, protein bars, or fruit. We can usually make it all the way thru without eating. We drink alot, because we sweat alot. Today it is 105 degrees farenheit. We have to be hydrated.

As far as lunch goes, we make a point to stop to eat. Either between jobs (not in the car while driving) or at a good transition point. We need the rest, cool air conditioning, and a moment to gather thoughts, compare work notes, or just to remind each other of particulars of the job. I usually also take a minute to contact prospects that I was unable to get to while working.

Not to hijack the thread, but do any of you eat at the businesses you service? I have a deal with three or four of our route customers that include a meal given to us in the price of the window cleaning. The meal bartering was initiated when they were reluctant to increase their prices. So I just traded it out for food. Keeps them as customers and we are still making money, and we get a meal.

Water and trail mix mostly maybe a slice of pie or a grinder/hero/sub/hogie. What other name did I forget?