Sneaky Temperers?

I helped a friend on a CCU today and noticed the tempering stamp had the name Eagle. I wasn’t aware of Eagle as a temperer although I could be wrong. My first thought though was maybe the temperers are now putting the window manufacturers name (I know Eagle is a window manufacturer) on the stamp as a way to hide their identity.
Am I just being paranoid?:eek:

I try to keep up with all the different tempered glass labels. I’ve seen Eagle too. There’s a company that claims to do glass tempering and fabrication out of W.Va. called Eagle Glass Specialites. I’m not sure if this company is related to anything though. A new fact that I didn’t know until tonight; the window manufactuer Eagle is actually an Andersen company.

Does it matter?

Does it change the way you conduct (or don’t conduct) your business?

I don’t think that was his point.

I think I addressed his question.

It’s true Larry you addressed my question. I have to remember you’re around when I ask questions like that.
And in answer to your question it doesn’t affect the way I do business. I was merely wondering if all the education the window cleaning industry has been doing is beginning to cause some change in tactics for some of the tempering companies?! I guess I should have made that more clear. :o

Perhaps a pimp-daddy who’s a member of the IWCA Fabricating Debris Committee could respond with some information and data.