Snow/Icing and Scheduling

Okay! I know this may be an old easy topic for you guys up north. Since I’m down in the south, we may only experience snow maybe…maybe once a year. Today we got 3-4 inches of snow and it looks like its not going to melt until the latter part of the morning tomorrow(1/21/9). It is still snowing. I know you guys work below freezing temperatures often in the winter. We’ve done that fine several times down here as well with windshield solution (NC).

I’m planning on waiting until the ice melts and just postpone all the window cleaning until for the latter part of the week and on saturday.


  1. In light of the snow and the road conditions…sheets of ice…do you guys still go out? If you do.
  2. Where you draw the line that keeps you from sending your crews to do the jobs?

We have 3 inches on the ground and a light dusting last night morning temp was 8 degrees and the boys went out today. I guess its what you get used to.

One of my dealers worked last week on a day I questioned. When I questioned him he said when you want to eat you go to work. We have had some cold temps and I dont think we have stopped yet.

If its a day thats going to be below 10 degrees ALL day we will move the work. If its just flurrying we work, if theres going to be any serious accumulation we move work. Mainly because of the driving hazard… 2 wheel drive vehicles and everything…

If work gets moved it goes to Saturday usually, we have canceled work once this year.

Most of the time here we get things done. If one of our guys is nervous about driving in snow we will try and move work around for the same day and team up the expierienced snow drivers with the non snow drivers. in our area snow is normally gone with in a few hours. Some cases up north in the moutains it gets harder. I love to drive in the snow, it’s where I learned to drive. I like to take those jobs. I love to see the customers face when the roads are closed and you still make it to their house on time. it’s priceless.

your biggest source of Liability is your trucks and drivers.Think twice before sending them out.

Usually when it is snowing it is the slow time of the year. I don’t send my guys out unless it is absolutley necessary. Our pickups don’t do well in snow or ice.

Yep thats the biggest issue… Young inexperienced drivers in poor conditions…