So how would you do these windows?

Look at the obstruction 3 stories up.

I’ll be doing this job, all 3 stories of it, with a wfp with my feet firmly on the ground. How will I clear the 30+ inch obstruction 3 stories up?

Read about it here: Mile High Window Cleaning Supply.

Unger multilink goose necks?

Is that how you’d do it?

As for how I’d do it, read about it on my blog: Mile High Window Cleaning Supply. Feel free to shop while you’re there. :wink:

I would use my Go-Go Gadget legs.

Ok I just checked your blog out to see how you would do it if you couldn’t use your Go-Go Gadget legs. I won’t give away the answer, but I look forward to seeing the video.

That looks like a PITA! But I’ve always wondered about those kind of obstructions. Some I can see getting from the top and working down, but others just seem impossible without a lift or something.


It’s just hard to believe that is going to turn out very well. I would love to see a videio of that job for start to finish. HOw many hours did you bid that job for?

Check out my earlier post’s about a job just like that. We went ahead and used 30 inch goosenecks, but the pole was way too flimsy to do it that way. So what I did, was make a water fed pole out of a SORB*O monster pole and eliminated the gooseneck altogether. I’ve done that job 7 or 8 times now, and it always comes out great.


I’m actually subbing that job. I’ve got a standing arrangement with a local competitor. I charge him by the day, and he helps fill up my slower times of the year. It’s worked great for years. Sometimes I work 5 hours and get paid for a day…other times 8 or 9 hours, but never more than that.
I think this job will be a full 8 hours.
I can’t really shoot video start to finish on the job. It wouldn’t work logistically. I may not even be able to take any pics from inside because most…maybe all…of the 3rd floor is private residences.

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Innovative solution. Do you have video of that?

I don’t know what pole you were using with the 30 inch gooseneck (where’d you get that btw), but I’ll be using a carbon fiber pole. That’s a must-have if you’re using a gooseneck that long.

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We do two corporate campuses with 24", 36", & 60" sunshades like this. We use a lift for some, 36" goosenecks on a 45’ carbonfibre (no fun, but it works), and a Gardiner 47 that can just slip between the innermost louver and the glass.

40-45ft single man lift?

No Video, but I have some pics that I’ve posted on here about it before. The pole that we were using with that long gooseneck was a Tucker Pole. Now with the monster pole, we just slip it right under the sunshade, works great.


Here are some pics of that job. The first pic is us slipping the monster pole behind the sunshade, and the second one is with the Tucker Pole on the second story level, (which wasn’t too bad, but higher than that was a nightmare).