So I joined the nLite revolution

Woke up this mornin’, got myself a gun :slight_smile:

Actually, I went for my morning coffee, decided I wanted a new WFP. Took the trip up to Hamburg NJ and a little while later I had a brand spankin’ new nLite Hybrid setup with all the trimmings (brush, extender, bits and pieces)

Thanks Alex, Chris and all the WCR crew, I actually can’t wait to get to work tomorrow and give this bad boy a test drive:)

you’ve got it so easy Chris being so close to WCR!

Good for you Chris! What sold you to go with the Unger over others?

It was a mixture of me sweating the nLite for the past few weeks, my brodex falling apart, my reading that john Lee said it was the best brush ever, and the fact that i randomly put on an Unger ninja tee shirt this morning lol

Not to mention, I’m pretty much an Unger business… i like their products, so I use them daily.

You can’t go wrong with an Unger - they make so many add-ons for poles it’s a no brainer. My first wfp was the old Unger… I still have the pole!

Wanna hear some reviews from the field.

What size did you get?

I know it has been mentioned that the nlight can not be outfitted with the aquadapter but here is a pic of mine. Sorry it is sideways… cant figure out how to delete and reorient the pic.

I just received my 24" N lite solar panel brush last week. I used the reach it 12" brush to make a size comparison. I mean the lay of the bristles comparison at rest. This brush is huge. It would take (9) 12" reach it brushes to equal the brush layout of this brush.

I used it to di wash my house last week and then used it twice this week to clean solar panels. WOW. This brush was worth every penny. I set it up with 4 pencil jets and it cleans so fast that is has already paid for 33% of the cost just after two solar jobs. When the yellow bristles spread out it gets in all the corners of the solar panels and makes the job way faster than then 18 inch hogs hair that I was using before.

I have some big glass panels at 2 and 3 stories tomorrow and I am going to break it out to speed up the work on this job as well.

If you clean solar panels, this brush will make you money and make your production rate increase. I am glad that I actually bought 2 of them. I knew it would be an awesome brush and it really is.

Hey me too! :wink:

I got the 22ft Hybrid with 5 feet of extension. I like running dual jets so the first thing I did was take all the yellow spaghetti hose off the top and replace it with the fittings and pieces from the Future of Cleaning brush pack, attached to the nLite jets. Looks MUCH better now :slight_smile:

I know you will enjoy working with the nLite today and I hope it makes you millions.

Billions bruddah, billions :slight_smile:

So glad to hear all the great reviews on the Nlite. We still have many of the starter kits in stock, just add a 5 ft top and you have a great pole for residential and light commercial. The price point is very good. I also use the Aqua Dapter, it works great with the 3 inch tip and a Unger Miltilink Adapter gooseneck. The real nice part about this pole is the clamps. As you know the weakest part about a wfp is the clamps. I am very interested to see how the clamps hold up after time and use. Please feel free to call me or Alex if you have any questions about this product. We have a cool app from Unger to build a pole that we can use to give you many choices.

Good seeing you as always Chris, enjoy it!

All this talk about the nlite makes me want to bite the bullet and get one. I am an Unger user. Have been since I started 1 1/2 years ago. Just received my 30’ Tele Pole.Sure is nice not having to get on a ladder as much. Did a job yesterday that used to take me 4 1/2 hours solo only took me 3 1/2. I will definitely get an nLite as soon as my business justifies it. As of right now I have the back pack set up. But can’t wait to get into full WFP mode. Maybe I will win the Census give a way.!!! LOL

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Am loving my hi mod.

Last Thursday I just got my nlite Carbon with the 5 foot extension and two 11’ Carbon extensions. I am very pleased with the quality of the product. Used the Master Pole on a small job and it felt like a joke compared to my 30’ Teleplus pole that I’ve been using for the last four months. I will still use it for a few jobs that I might be able to add a second user to help out. I love the stiffness - couldn’t imagine the Hi Mod Carbon! I’m going to save so much strain on my arms.

The last big job I did was a 3 story house with about a 150 frenchies on the top floor. After a few hours of working with the Teleplus 30’ and being covered with water my right arm closed and just seized. I couldn’t open it for a minute. I guess I’ve been broke in.

Also, I think the Hose Management System is an amazing innovation. It’s just so simple but so helpful!


A very versatile pole

honestly never used a wfp. When I get the ends I might invest. I hear so many positives about em…U don’t have to use the ladder as much basically…what are the other perks?