So my new guy is 25 minutes late

so did you fire him or not…I WANT TO KNOW :slight_smile:

I say, punt… get him gone… now

My last person I hired is now 3 weeks late… LOL I did not phone him I waited 30 min and left (I tell them to show up early the first day to sign papers)

I am going to the local University to hire next. I will look for people who are from out of town, with a vehicle, and who do not smoke.
Will I tell them any of this, no friggen way, will i look for the signs … you bet.

sorry to hear things went south for you. about the “no compete clause” those things will not hold up in water. its a scare tactic at best. would i use it if i had employee’s? you bet. but, i’m not wasting money in court for nothing in return when employee starts moonlighting on his own. i might even allow a job or two for himself,if it gives him incentive to work to work for me.
i would spend time training a new college kid. need a trainer? only 1000 per day cash only please =)

i wouldn’t be surorised if this guy has come to you solely to suss out your clientel list.

if he refuses to sign non compete then heobviosly has the intention of going into the bus alone sometime

Me too! What happened Doug?

  1. How late? And what was your question?

  2. Bill W deserves to be left off of discussions such as this. Call your sponsor, do 4TH Step and go home.

  3. No compete contracts may not work where the blue states are…but they will cost you to un-azz your wallet here. They are much more than scare tactics.

Often I read advice regarding ‘contracts’. Often it is wrong. Let the lawyers give that advice. We wash windows.

I’m a lawyer,
or at least saw Lier Lier a billion times to be qualified as a lawyer and I say look that punk in the face with no expression and as soon as he opens his mouth to say something you KICK him in the balls and scream “I’m Rick James, now go home!”


I had NO clue that was comming

Matt’s been spending to much time w/ Phil and Sanchez. Those guys play for keeps.:eek::wink:

Phil and Sanchez are bad influences on me

Reminds me of a kid I knew years ago. He would always call shotgun when the group went anywhere and if there was a problem he would say - Hey I’m just a passenger!

Uncle Phil has shown me the way of the Jedi…

There was a star wars marathon the other day and I’m… Talking backwards I am.

So funny. I was doing a follow up call on a account and I talked an entire sentence backwards:eek:

dang-gum star wars, MANG!


What kind of moron did you call me?:wink:

Ha ha. “Clean your windows I will.”

Off topic is this thread.

ya off topic, but a good chuckle…

so what happened, to him…

WHAT THE FLIP…what happened to the guy!!!

I want to know…


Wow, I am sorry I lost track of this thread. I looked in my private messages and got a message wanting to know what happened to the guy. If anyone still cares…I met with the guy the next morning after the day he told me he would not sign a non-compete. I told him if he was going to continue to work for me he would have to sign it or not work for me. After some discussion about punctuality and other things we decided it would be better if he went back to his own gig. Have not heard from him since. My experience through the years has been…I love watching experienced window cleaners do their work, I just prefer not to hire them to do my work. I have not had any good experiences with a seasoned window cleaner. That really says something about the window cleaning profession doesn’t it?

Shows up late and the first thing he does is set conditions? You’ve gotta be kidding! This guy already thinks he can run your business better than you can. Arrogance from employees is the most annoying thing in the world to deal with. Do what you want, but if he pulled that with me, I’d have thrown him out of my office.