So what kind of

Dodge Grand Caravan

Chev Venture Minivan

7x4 Enclosed Trailer, a little more difficult in snowy conditions but makes it possible to leave the gear on a jobsite if needed, and prevents having to change gear from vehicle to vehicle in the event of mechanical failure, plus takes the weight of ladders off my suspensions, broke a shock and shock mount this year before building a ladder rack for the trailer!

Will be adding another trailer this year.

My Work vehicle is “misty” my 1987 Volvo wagon. Over 250,000 miles and still my most reliable ride.

I’m just now thinking about starting a wc business. I have a '95 3/4 ton Chevy van conversion that I also use to haul around my family.
Will I be able to use this for the biz well enough without taking out any seats? Can I fit everything (except ladders) behind the back bench (the space is about 2 1/2 feet deep and the width of the van)?
Thanks for the help!

You’ll eventually want alot more space, but it can be done.


A lot of guys use the trunk space in their cars when they start out. It’s about organizing your stuff to maximize the space.

I use a 97 plymouth grand voyager SE. I paid $2000 for it five years ago. I ripped out the passenger seats and put my sectional ladders in the back and use rubbermaid containers for my towels and tools. Problem with that is had to replace the transmission twice, otherwise no repairs besides basic oil change. I use a 97 dodge neon for estimates. Sometimes I rent a black Ford-350 in the summer, just cause I get a kick out of driving like a maniac and I would never do that in my van.
I’ve seen guys cleaning windows out of a geo metro. Saw some guy at Lowes with a geo metro he had the sectionial ladders i had thrown out on the curb. I threw them out cause they were bent and all the bolts were broke. I hope he bought a new pair by now, cause i feared for my life when using them.
Used to drive around doing commercial in a buick 1986 skyhawk.

Mercedes Vito

Chevy 2500 Extended Van

Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

Chevy Astro Cargo Van. Plenty of room and gets decent gas mileage.

Dodge Dakota Quad Cab - with topper

best for me toyota tacoma long bed

I use a bright yellow Chevy 3500 Cargo Van, with the extended wheelbase. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

ford windstar w/ladder rack, use to have ford pickup, didnt like everything exposed to weather and possible theft

Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab
The Hemi is killing me with these gas prices but I can go real fast from gas station to gas station though!

Chevy 2500HD turbo diesel. It carried over from when I was focusing on landscaping and lawn care.

Here’s my baby:

Nissan Frontier