Soap N Seal Product for Windows

This is a Transformer product I have developed based on a water dispersable organo silane. It is added directly to your bucket at a very low percentage. Then you can add most whatever “soap” you want. That being Dawn, GG3, Ecover, Joy, and so on. I am working on a video now and will have reviews.

Take a look at the glass matrix here.

You will notice that each oxygen is connected to two silicon atoms. Within the glass. But at the surface each oxygen is connected to only one silicon. This means at the surface of glass the oxygens are essentially free. They can react with other elements or molecules. Such as grease or for our concern, organic silane chemistries.

My Soap N Seal is unique in that it is applied to the glass at the same time we clean it. This cuts down the time it takes to “seal” windows. The primary function of this product is to create a water hating barrier. Not necessarily to help guard against hard water spots. I do not suggest using it inside either. All sealants have specific purposes. It is important that we become familiar with what we are using so we know why we are using it. This particular product should allow you to do certain jobs like greenhouse glass more frequently. You should also be able to get a bigger buck.

I am not selling Soap N Seal directly. You can buy the chemistry directly from the manufacturer and make up your own product. It then becomes your formula, your product. All of the info on how to do this, where to buy the chemicals, and how to use it, are available in a two page newsletter that I send out as an attachment by email. This is a turnkey letter available for 35 dollars billed simultaneously by Pay Pal. If you have any questions just send me an email.


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A couple of questions Henry. II’m guessing the sealant is applied even with using a squeegee so their is no buffing? The sealant is hydrophobic correct? Your saying the bennefit to using the sealant is the window should be easier to clean next time? Does it increase the length of time he window stays clean? How long does the sealant last? You said it does not prevent water spots but does it at least protect from water spots so the spots adhere to the sealant so the spots clean off easily?

ok so more than a couple questions

Easy to answer. Yes there is no buffing. It is hydrophobic. I don’t know if it should be easier to clean. One aplication of this chemical was glass slides for a microscope. It does makes them easier to clean. Will not increase the amount of time the window stays clean. Should last for years on the cloudy side of the building. But if it is on the sunny side in an area of the Country that gets intense UV like NH where I live, I would only give it one or two months. So you will have to test. Yes it should form a barrier to spots. But you have to remember spots reach a very high pH when they form. This can eat through most sealants allowing the minerals to lock on to the glass. I only found one sealant that stood up to a high pH by testing with concrete. As it cures it will reach a very high pH.

OK. So not so easy to answer.

I ain’t selling these products I am developing. So I will be brutally honest with you guys. I am working at developing a consulting business. Not a manufacturing/sales company.

Thanks for the questions!