Soft washing a fence, bleached neighbors clothes on line

So I had an experience today was less than ideal , was spraying a 2% mix on this fence there was all these trees/plants in the way so I was not able to see the other side I was spraying not thru the fence but from the side of the fence to limit the mix on the other side.

Then the neighbors approch me, I say g’day how you going he was NOT happy my mix had put spots all over the washing on the clothes line 14 ruined pieces of clothing, I agreed to pay for the replacement cost of the clothing.

This had made me think twice about cleaning fences as now I am out $150, I guess I am just lucky the neighbors clothes were not very expensive.


Use sodium percarbonate. It’s better for wood surfaces and you won’t have to worry about that problem ever again, it’s colour safe.


Clothes on the line? What’s is this the 50s? Hopefully the neighbor will take the money and buy a drier.

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It wasn’t a wooden fence it was a brick base with powder coated rails it was covered in lichen and mould.
fence kinda looks like this but metal parts are white and has pyramid type caps on brick posts which were covered in lichen.

LOL what a bazaar attitude, most people here have clothes driers. However most would only use if the weather outside was not ideal for drying clothes