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Hi guys, long time lurker first time posting here. My apologies if this question has been asked before but the search engine isnt the greatest. I am looking to see what people are using for software. Last year was my first year in business and we did really welll, i used google calendar mostly and google sheets. I have switched over to the customer factor and i think its ok but it has a lot of flaws. Very messy UI, and mainly the app is pretty horrible.

Is there any software out there that comes along with a great phone app? (a lot of my business is done on my mobile as i dont have an office yet) heres some info about my company:

2nd year in business, about 400 clients and going up every day. I am expanding to a second city as well. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I use gocardless + Aworka. All my work is monthly and without these I wouldn’t be trading due to my lack of motivation for collecting payments etc.

I’m from the UK so typically we deal with between 0-500 monthly clients as a solo-one man operation.

I use work wave find at they will give you free demo its great

This topics been highly discussed but I reccomend jobber.


I’ll use proprietary software. (don’t need it yet,but I should start developing it now)
That way I can customize it to suit my needs, make the GUI how I want it, and expand functionality when needed.

I checked out jobber because if your recommendation and am loving it for the most part. Still would like to see some additional features, but the basic model works for me better than all the others.


Cool. It’s a great program. If you use them Plese let them know that Crystal Clear sent you their way.