Software: what are you looking for?

[MENTION=3471]Alex Lacey[/MENTION] made me curious what people are looking for in software. I know what I want, but was curious what everyone else wanted. This might also be a good place to talk about the different CRM’s out there and what works, what doesn’t, what it should be, etc.

My main features (must have features):

  1. Custom templates - I still print out invoices and would like to be able to customize templates

  2. Ability to define specific routes, group jobs within that route, and print all the jobs in that route

  3. Must have auto generated work orders (Every x weeks, monthly, quarterly) assigning them to a specific day isn’t a big deal, but might was well

  4. Mark jobs with a status: Open, Completed, Paid, Billed (AR), Void

  5. Emailing customers a reminder of their upcoming appointment

  6. Calendar view so you can see which days or weeks are heaviest so you can rearrange routes if needed

  7. A dashboard that captured business vitals: AR total, new jobs captured, weekly totals, carryover jobs (if a route job got missed on friday, it can be done on monday)

  8. Quickbook sync

  9. Assign work to employees to track performance, commission, payroll, etc

  10. An app or mobile theme where you can add jobs, review AR, or whatever while you’re out and about

Basically, if I’ve got 50-100 route jobs in a day, it would be nice to manage all of them easily and quickly from printing to checking them in.

Advanced (nice to have features that I could do without but might be nice later on)

  1. Signature capture - when I do move away from paper, signature capture from a smart device would be nice

  2. GPS tracking - so you can see where cleaners are working, maybe track time spent at each job

  3. A slick interface - I don’t really care what something looks like as long as it works good, but being pretty would be nice

  4. A means for customers to sign in and check their accounts, get statements, or pay

  5. Interface with responsibid, et al

  6. App where employee’s can make changes to a work order (add-ons!) add new accounts that they captured etc

I’ll add more to this list after I play swords with my son…