Currently using Quickbooks online. My accountant wants me to switch to desktop version. Anybody else using desktop? Likes? Dislikes? Problems with either version?

I use desktop. No need for online version personally. I’ve used it for years and am pleased.

My wife likes the desktop version. More functionality.

Thank you.

That’s what I hear. Good to know.

I use desktop. Its a little confusing to start out. But it was cheaper than paying a monthly fee

Thanks. Makes me feel better about switching over.

Here’s my take and $.02. Yes the desktop has more functionality, but if you going to use a CRM; know that most work with QBO only. My concern is if my accountant isn’t willing to learn about new accounting software. Is he also not willing to keep up to date on tax laws?:thinking:

The Customer Factor works with both. My wife is our accountant and was shocked at how little functionality QBO had. We were setting it up for some friends of ours. Stuff she took for granted in desktop was missing in QBO.

Don’t ask me what functions because I have no idea.

Thing is quickbooks will be going all online soon enough. I’m sure they will tier the features

Yeah, it makes sense, but until you can do everything online that you can do desktop, we’ll be using desktop.

Like MS Office, their online solution sucks. Google office is pretty much the standard now.

Yeah my CPA’s office back in the Denver area didn’t care for it, but they would never recommend I switch back. They’re learning how to deal with or learning how to work around the lack of certain reporting features. I did notice that about customer factor when I was considering switching from HCP. I had put a lot into ResponsiBid, and since HCP will never inegrate with them I started looking around. I liked how customizable CF was but I felt that I was using Windows 95. Everytime I open my browser to work on it; I thought I heard the dialing up the internet tone.


Did you *70 the number?

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That’s kinda where I’m leaning. The big thing is that I was planning on getting a new computer. I was going to go with a Mac but just found out that Desktop version will no longer work with Mac. Online version is still compatible but they are only supporting PC based computers now with 2018 software and going forward for desktop versions.

I always liked the desk top version for reliability as the online version has a few annoying quirks that I had to get used to. I’m not sure why your accountant would want you to switch, they should be able access the same reports as the desk top? Online is nice because you have access to your entire customer base, invoices, online banking sync, vendors, estimates, and even process credit cards.

Yes I haven’t had that many issues either. I think they aren’t very comfortable with it. But I like being able to be out in the field and make and manage invoices and access my customer info on the fly. Thanks for your input.

Housecall Pro works with QBO as well. Makes it seamless.

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This is exactly what HCP can help with and after payment is taken it automatically pushes to QBO seamlessly.

your accountant is a dinosaur.

switch to qbo or get left behind. and tell them the same thing.



Good to see you around, Caleb.