hey guys, silly question. I read and understand your mixing ratio when it comes to 2gallon of SH, and 8oz of simple cherry and water. would it be possible to mix the two products and let the water from softwashing combined together to prevent from delution.

I don’t get what your asking. How are you soft washing?

I think I understand. He saying not to add the water to the house wash mix and he is right…Silly question. Why would you want or need to do that?? K.I.S.S.

If you are down streaming you can use store bought 6% sh straight no dilution. If you are using 12% sh without diluting it in the bucket you are applying to strong of a solution. Why waste 12% sh if you don’t need the strength. We use 2.5 gals 12% mixed with 2 gals of water and simple cherry. Have never had a problem getting a house clean.

Gotcha. I just thought when downstreaming the potency reduces and makes the mix week. but not true. Thanks

The potency is further reduced by down streaming. You just don’t want to be starting with 12% in the bucket. You actually are applying the solution at a .80 - 1% strength to the house. When you dilute the 12% sh in the bucket.

Plus if you did it the way you was thinking about you would have dead grass, Plants, bushes, 1000 year old tree…okay maybe not 1000 year old tree’s but you get the point.

Yeah I got it. Thank God for this cite. I would have screwed. Thanks Talk to you guys later.

Thats our exact mix…

Chris. Where do you get your 12% from. I’m not to far from you. Hard to find in Rockland

Bumping old thread. How much simple cherry do you guys run per gallon of water. Say your 2.5 gal of sh, 2 gal of h20, and then … simple cherry?

I believe 8 oz. of Simple Cherry but hopefully somebody with more expertise chimes in.

I get my 12% from a pool supply house. We actually have a 100 gal drum in the shop,
the pool supply house will deliver on site and refill our 100 gal tank.

Ryan, usually 2 scoops that’s 16oz.

Yours came with a scoop? Ive been using 16oz by volume with a scoop that I had from carpet cleaning chemicals but have been unsure that its the correct amount. I though that it was supposed to smell like cherry but all I can smell is sh

A pound per gallon? Seems like a lot but I’ll take your word. Thanks!

16oz, volume not weight.

They used to come with a scoop, been using it for years, so have a bunch of the scoops left over.

I see. I’ll be placing an order tomorrow night here at wcr for some. Thanks! :slight_smile: