Solar Farms

Looking for anyone who has direct experience in cleaning solar farms? A very large one is being constructed in my county and I’d like to get in on the maintenance cleans if they subcontract this type of work. I’m thinking it would be quite easy to train one person compared to window cleaning, as I would just need get a dedicated WFP set-up.

Ditto as well. We are south of you in Colorado and want to see how viable it would be as solar is getting installed around us.

Don’t mean to be a Debbie-downer, but I think it’ll be hard to compete with anyone that’s got something like this:


A new toy!

***Edit: You now are blamed for my waste of the afternoon when I am asked what I have accomplished… Seriously, I could do snow removal, driveway/sidewalk cleaning, and solar cleaning?

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look how clean they are on the frontside lol, this thing is a street sweeper of clean streets lol!

very cool, thanks for the post, I wont dream of landing a massive solar farm account anymore haha

Well I like spending money on expensive equipment. I’d bet a machine like that is $100K+. When you put things into perspective, a WFP would take an eternity.

I wonder if one state would have enough solar farms to support a machine like this, at least on the east coast. The west Im sure there would be enough business.