Solar Panel Cleaning

Does anyone do Solar Panel Cleaning on here

I know there are threads here.

Use the Search feature to find 'em. (The results will look kinda like this:

yep, I do…

I clean solar panels. It is very profitable. Take a look at my videos to see how I do it.




I haven’t tried it yet but…are there any difference with regular window cleaning? thanks.

I got this email today: Could you please give me a quote on washing One (1) solar panel that is 74 ft. x 49 ft. in dimension. This would require a 60’ pole. Any suggestions on what to charge???

If the client asks I will. Otherwise your trying to sell a service to someone who thinks when it rains their panels are clean.

I have cleaned solar panels for two years now. I have included 3 videos to show you how I do it.