Solar Panels

I’ve got some solar panels to clean on tuesday. I’ve never done this before, and I’ve been looking up techniques on google. Does anyone here clean solar panels? any tips> thanks guys!

Wfp is the way to go!

I’d agree - wfp makes light work. But most of them are situated where its a right pane to get your equipment near them i.e. on the middle of a flat roof. You can just clean them with a squeegee if its too much hassle! Watch out for the steam!!!

We just did this set up, one of the largest jobs we have done. We had to used a 45ft boom lift and we just power washed them.

That looks insane, how long did it take you to do that job and how many guys/gals did the job???

2 guys it took 12 hours but that was cause the lift was late and we had some problems with are power washer it was only about 6 hours of work.

Did you use any chems on that?

just dish washing soap

No but, I did some consulting work for a solar energy company called Mercury Solar Systems located in New Rochelle NY. Do a google search and ask them. Their very helpful…good luck with the job and pls. reply on how it went

I actually never did the job. He called me the day before and told me he found someone to do it for $800, and I bid $1200. Oh well.

was he only about price?

I don’t know much about cleaning solar panels, but you could have sold him on the fact that your using all natural solutions that will clean and preserve the integrity of the panels, thus making them intake more solar energy and lasting longer…just a thought…

Maybe that’s what the other party stated…

yeah, maybe.
Or maybe the other party just asked what the “other guy” would be charging, and based off that…

It’s worth saying it, and if they come back and say “the other people said that too”, then oh well I guess.

never hurts…

is it that hard of work? ask the owner if they, I mean “the other people”, explained their process and method of cleaning it. Then maybe explain how yours will greatly increase the life span and solar intake of the panels…if your using a WFP, it will stay cleaner longer than with a squeegee…that’s a fact

Yeah price was his main concern. I would have been more than happy to do the job for him, but at the same time, business is good right now and I am weeding out the “cheap” customers anyhow. I find that I don’t perform my best when I work for people I don’t like, and that is a disservice to not only myself but them. So he’s happy getting the work done cheap. And I’m happy to have filled in that time with a customer who gladly pays my high prices AND bakes me cookies every time I clean her windows. Win, win.

Good healthy outlook Doug!

yeah, and the day after this guy gets his panels cleaned, put some really nasty stuff on it…so when he calls you, you can tell him he should have went with you in the first place:p

Does cleaning solar panels increase/restore performance of the panels or is the cleaning of the panels purely for aesthetic reasons?

Wouldn’t they be more efficient when clean, allowing more sunlight to contact the surface?

Of course, there must be a point where performance versus storage ability levels off.

Yes, it does increase the performance. There is what the industry considers a soiling factor. If you do a search you should find a good amount of information.

I just finished a job last week cleaning 50 solar panels on top of a one story home and I really didnt feel like dragging the WFP up on the roof, so I just grabbed a pole, put my bucket on the roof and used my ettore back flip and handled it in about an hour. They turned out great. Oh and for chemicals I used what i normally do on the windows, some GG4 and sorbo glide.