Solarium Pricing - TIps

Any tips on cleaning and pricing this solarium? Not sure when the last time it was cleaned. I planned on using soap and finishing off with the waterfed pole. The solarium has 29 panes of glass ($8/each), 2 Glass doors ($7/each), 1 sidelight ($3.50), 3 windows ($12/each), 3 screens ($3/each) which totals $294.50 not including sales tax. Will the wfp method be sufficient for cleaning this solarium? Is the pricing correct? Also, one glass panel said Full Temper Glass. What should I do with this type of glass? Will bronze wool scratch it? Your expertise and tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I’d stay away from using a razor, or try a small section/test. I haven’t used bronze wool, so hopefully someone can answer that. Be careful. Looks like it’s gonna be a nice test.

Do you have a good sized ladder?I have done a couple in the past.You could scrub and squeegee those row by row and they would go quicker than you think.I would definitely find out how long it’s been since last cleaning.How long do you think it will take?I think with your price you will definitely make money for sure.If they are extremely dirty I would charge them accordingly.

I’ve used a wfp on those. Worked great

Yes I have a good size ladder. I think it’s like a gorilla that extends to at at least 24 feet and maybe 12 feet as a step ladder.

If you have a wfp that will be the easiest. Stand back as far as needed and change your angle adapter to fit. If you have a longer gooseneck that will help with the angle.

I’ve used a wfp on solariums many, many times and it does work. If you feel the need to prescrub with soapy water, that’s not a bad thing although not usually necessary.

Thanks Dan