As of May 1 I have sold my window cleaning business. I had a good run for the last 6 years but an opportunity has come along that I can’t pass up. I sold the business to a friend who owns a big PW company and dabbles in window cleaning. Now he will be big in WC & PW. The transition is going smoothly and I am loving life.
Thanks to everyone here for advice, support, and the occasional snarky comment over the years. I am very impressed with what the Lambrinides boys have done with this site in this time. I remember hanging out over at NWCD with them and several of the regulars before this site existed. Well, enough of my meandering down amnesia lane. Good luck to all of you :cool:

Good for you.

Best wishes in your new endeavors!


what industry are you going to?

Its funny there is a few NWCD guys left here… Havent thought about that place in a while.

Good luck with the new opportunities… Stop in WCR and say hi sometime.

Hey windowboy,

I remember you from NWCD!! When I first joined over there you said you which you were a windowman like me!! There were some good times over there, but this place rocks!!

Good to hear from you.

Charlie (aka windowMAN!!!)