Some advice on cards

I was at a clients home earlier this week and a neighbor asked for a bid.

I provided him one and sent it via email. He is not a ‘client’ yet but is interested int eh bid. However, his reply was to inform me his wife just broke her arm.

So here’s my question; I was thinking about sending a get well card to the family but thought it might be too soon.

what does the group think?

Yep - go for it. It would put the job in their mind & now you’ve been informed, it would be rude not to.

I would think so. Start building the relationship.

No time like the present my friend. It shows not only that you care but that you were listening in the first place.:wink:

The Ladies always like stuff like this. Now if it was a man I might have another thought about it. Some men may view this as a suck up?

Send a little bunch of flowers instead.

And stick a little note on it, signed
"These are for your poor wife! Hope she feels better soon. Phil, the friendly window cleaner"

Don’t include a business card.

I think that because you do not have a relationship with this person you SHOULD NOT send them anything. The fact you are asking this question in the marketing/sales forum tells the story. You are trying to use sympathy to get in. You are hoping for reciprocity for your good deed.

I would get your card or gift and think “what the fu…, who the hell is this?” I sure would not feel all cozy and want to hire you.

You have no relationship and no reason to send anything and he knows it. If they were a customer already I would say go for it.

I sent it.

Here’s the story, the guy get’s your card and say’s, “who is this guy, we didn’t even hire him yet” and you get nothing. So What… You did a nice thing for another person. You probably brightened their day by your concern.

If you do get the job, great, they know you are a nice person. I like to think of it as, who cares if you get the job or not, you were thinking about someone and did something nice for them. I’m sure you’re life or your business is not hanging by whether or not this guy gives you business or not. But, I bet you any money, (ands I dont bet :)), that they will at least call and thank you.

just my 3.5 cents


it wasn’t really a nice thing was it? He wants to get the sale that is why it is posted on this “marketing” forum. Ethically it is wrong. Morally it is wrong.

I don’t care how bad I need the work, I gotta keep my ethics.

Hopefully he will see it as a nice gesture, but I question this tactic either way.

No, I wanted to send the card for the lady. I’ll get the sale either way.

Wouldn’t sending a card after you have a relationship be sending the same message? “Here’s a get well card so I hope you’ll continue to use me for future service, I know I’m your window cleaner and don’t know you too well but let me pucker up.” Not that I have a problem with sending a card and would probably do the same thing, but I don’t think they care if you work for them or not… a card is a card and I’m sure they’ll at least read and think about that rather than a lame flyer so I would consider it good marketing.

er, no I think it is MASSIVELY different to send a card to someone I know. I guess I speak for myself here but I form good relationships with my customers. For them to get one from me would be natural. Believe me it sure and the hell would not be to secure a place in their heart.

It’s all about relationships. Some have them, some don’t. I am all for sending a card to a [U]current[/U] customer void of any company bs.

This aint me- “Here’s a get well card so I hope you’ll continue to use me for future service, I know I’m your window cleaner and don’t know you too well but let me pucker up.”

If I send a card it is from the heart. I already have their business.

I guess there’s always 2 or 3 ways to look at everything. If Phil wanted to send it to be nice. Nothing wrong with that. If he wanted to send it to show his company really cares, I dont see a problem. I guess it’s all in how you feel about it.

I had a lady call me last year and said she wanted to get her windows cleaned for her 50th wedding anniversary. I said no problem and didn’t even look at or quote the job, me and my helpers just showed up and did it. When she asked how much, I said “nothing, Happy Anniversary”. I’m not blowing my own horn here, but I figured if she and her husband lasted that long, why not do something nice for her. I never got a referral from her, never called her back. I didn;t want to make her feel she had to use me just because I did something nice for her.

Paul, I see where you are coming from. If someone does something for someone just to get the business, and then if they dont get it, they’re upset, well, maybe they shouldn’t of done it in the first place.