Some Free Stuff For Locals


Anyone local or semi-local to our location in Hamburg, NJ interested in some free soap and chemicals, come on by and get them.

We have a few gallons of GG3 and EBC Glide as well as a bunch of Winsol awning cleaning products and screen cleaner. Also there is a big box of assorted Pulex T-bars.

A few pails of EBC and one APC 100.

Several poles and pole parts from Unger and Ettore, mostly TelePlus extensions.

Not going to ship this stuff, sorry but anyone who wants to make a trip, come on and get it. Looking to get rid of most if not all of the chemicals in one shot for someone seriously interested. Don’t forget, this stuff is all free.

@alex… I would pay shipping on some poles…

Sorry, no shippy

if you change your mind hit me up. We use a lot of poles…

All Winsol Awning chemicals are gone as well as the t-bars.

We still have pails of EBC Glide as well as gallons, a handful of GG3 gallons and some poles and pole sections.