Some good fanning with a pole in this video

Skip ahead about :30 seconds and again at 1:00

// YouTube

have you ever seen the promotional Mr. Long Arm video? I saw it at a demo back in the fall. The procurve pole is made for fanning. It looks kinda difficult but interesting.

The original video was awesome with the two brothers. I was gonna cover this one in the blog - I’m waiting on a replacement pole, I have issues with the locking collars. Its a great tool for inside atriums. I still can’t get along with the wagtail, but its a very similar idea except the snout isn’t curved.

I saw it, and bought the longarm pole. But it kept snapping on me, so I gave up.


One of our guys broke one too once. But it was like 4 years old.

I’m due the new one anytime now - I’ll keep you posted.

The guy in that video looks kind of familiar.

He should use a wagtail for that - Great little tool, especially for fanning pole work.

I have a pro curve. Tried using it but found it tricky. Saying that the Mr.Longarm demo video was great. It looked the business on the video. Maybe I just need to practice with it.