Some help

I just starting in this business and I don’t know how to write an invoice.

[COLOR=Black]You could go to Office Depot and pick up some pre-made ones and then just fill in the information such as customer name, a description of the service, and the amount.[/COLOR]

Thanks, the problem is on fill in the information such as
description of the service can you give some examples
I have 4 windows on the second floor and 14 double hung windows

I don’t think you need to go into that kind of detail for invoicing.

You just need something like:
Ext/Interior window cleaning including all door glass.
All screens removed and cleaned. etc.

Maybe when quoting you’d go into the kind of detail you’re referring to.

Or look at a recent invoice for a cable bill that you received, or something similar, and replicate its format and content.

If you go to the microsoft website you can probably download an invoice template there for free and adjust it to what you need.
You may even just try googleing "free Invoice downloads’ or something like that. But I would try the microsoft website!

If you have Microsoft Excel I’d be glad to give you mine. It cross records everthing, has a dropdown list of customers, job type, and automatically adds up to give a total. It saves all information to a second page where you can see all invoices, and you can view according to any catagory; date, Inv. #, job type, customer.

One of my customers if a chain of computer shops, I told them what I wanted and they did it for me. Probably not every thing quickbooks or some other programs are but it works fine for me.

Oh, and for description, I usually put Outside; or Inside & Out, or I do some tire stores and I do the showroom only sometimes, and sometimes I do the windows in the bay doors also, so I will either put Showroom, or Complete Clean.

You can always use the, it will run your entire business for you,
I have been using it for 2 years now,

should you have any questions about it, feel free to give me a ring,

949 842 8245

I’d like to check it out!

PM me, I’ll send you an email attachment.