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I just have added a couple of new forums to the site, one of them being a “cool down area”. I am a big believer in personal freedoms and free speech so I don’t want to have to give people confines of what they can and cant talk about here. All I ask is that people respect one another, and do not use foul or in appropriate language. There have been a couple threads as of late that were nothing but arguing for no real reason. Personally I don’t mind the arguing, but other people do. Every time it starts I get PM’s from members who are bothered by it.
[B]On one side:[/B][/I][/U]

I dont want to have to stop or moderate these arguments because I do believe something good can eventually come out of the rubble. People are capable of working out there differences.

[B][U][I]On the other side:[/I][/U][/B]

I don’t want to scare people away, or make people feel like they need to wade through allot of BS to get the good nuggets of straight up Window Cleaning information. I do not want to lose any talented contributers.
The Decision[/B][/I][/U]

So I decided to open a new forum called “cool down”. If I see or get complaints a thread is taking a turn for the worse I will simply move the thread over into this forum. I will not delete / stop or censor it anyway, I will just simply move it over to the side. The debate or battle can continue on forever it will just be over in its own little section. [B][I]The only difference will be it will not show up in the recent threads section on the home page.[/I][/B] Every other thread on the board will show up in the recent thread section except the threads from the cool down section. This way people that have no interest in reading this type of stuff will not be subjected to it. You will specifically need to enter that section to read it. Im not thrilled with the name"cool down" area so if anyone has a suggestion for a better name for it i am completely open to changing it.

Lets Vote on it!

Taking your ‘cool down area’ idea, can you put a freeze on a thread, not completly shut it down permanantly, but put a 48 or even 72 hour freeze on a specific thread, so that people can have time to think through what has been posted an after 2-3 days respond with good thought. Just my thought, what do you think?

Yeah I can definitely do that. That actually would be pretty easy. We can give that a try next time an issue pops up.

i like the idea of a freeze also

The Freezer - sounds cool in more senses than one!

some forums have the ability to make a forum or thread area, invisible to search engines.

I might suggest that in this case as well.

let me tell you this, if I had a day or 2 to sit on an emotional moment. My responses would be totally different. The problem is it snowballs

I also say pause it so we can read our own comments a few times and say “well, I’m an idiot”

Should change the poll "Which do you like better Fridge (cool down area)or Freezer?