Some terminology for a newbie

I have been searching the internet to try and understand what a Eurotip is. I’m looking to buy my wife a window cleaning pole for Christmas and I want to make sure I get something that will work for us. Does a Eurotip refer to it’s ability to thread onto a European style hosebib? If I’m in North America and the pole I want has a Eurotip, do I need to get an adapter?

How long have you been married?


Lol, are you suggesting I won’t be much longer if I get my wife cleaning supplies for Christmas? Thought had crossed my mind…

She did ask for it though!

We’ve been married 5 years, together for 17.


Ya just kidding :joy:

A “euro” tip is just another type of threaded tip but that has a slight taper to it so it requires less rotations and really stays snug. It’s not for a hose connection. Do you have a photo of what you mean in order to be more specific?

Thanks for the help. I don’t have a picture. I’ve just started looking for residential brushes and know nothing. I initially stumbled across some products on X and not knowing anything about what’s available saw that a price of approx $200 seemed good to me. However looking at this site and seeing that most of the poles available are $500+, with lots ranging into the thousands, I’m second guessing a $200 pole.

We’re not a commercial outfit, just want to be able to wash our windows at home. We probably need a 30ft pole and I’d like it to be water fed, just having some trouble figuring out how much I should expect to spend now.

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Euro tips are what most all water fed Poles use. ACME threads you will be familiar with from like a broom handle pole.


Great video explaining the different types of poles -

However if you are just a homeowner grab the simple package I listed above. Literally comes with everything you need. All the fittings, hose, pole, brush and purification unit.

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I am totally open to that. Like I said, I’m a newb and just starting my search. First site I came across was the one I mentioned, but it seems I’d be cheaping out by going with them. I just want to get the best value for my money, the package you sent looks quite reasonable. Will read more about all the options and choices and might go with that :slight_smile:

The Best value is to hire a professional and watch him from the comfort of your home while you and your wife enjoy coffee :wink: