Something positive

Ok so here is something positive to finish out my day on the forum. I’m approaching my first anniversary of self-employment, and my wife is now able to serve her notice as pizza delivery driver and take the reins as my full-time marketing executive (coached by yours truly and the Marketing Blueprint). She will be joining the forum as well. So look out @luke3636 and @K1ttenpantz, we are gunning for your spot as WCR’s hottest couple. :laughing: (Especially now that Skipper and Tgrove28 are gone. They were always so cute together.)

Anyway, apart from our incredibly selfless and helpful family members, this forum and its members have been the single greatest contributor to our first year’s success. Many lessons have been learned in this time, and many hardships avoided by merit of the collective wisdom here. We hope to keep learning and giving back to the community of cleaners any way we can. Looking forward to another great year, even better than the last!


Congratulation! Thats exciting.

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You trying to take our belts bro?

But seriously congrats on the one year, mine was back in August, but I was lucky to have luke to show me the ins and outs. Working together has been great and I’m sure you guys will love it!


My wife and I are doing the same thing this year. I fired myself from being the brains of the operation.


My wife can keep doing what she does. She’s a nurse.


That’s awesome man ! Best of luck

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Congrats man.Bigger things ahead of you.

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I still attribute everything to this forum. You have access to everything you need here.


Some of my fondest life memories were when my wife and I did all work and pretty much everything else together. Before kids came along.
Congrats on getting the wife on board, @Samuel