Whats going on with Sorbo Rubbers ? Do I have to buy super channels now ? I have enough left to get me through winter. @Chris @Alex are you guys expecting to stock back up anytime soon ?

Yo! They should be back in stock soon. All other rubber is in good supply.

Ok cool Thanks !

Just got an email today. Seems like they are months out from having any available. We have tons on order but do not like to sell things we do not have in stock :slight_smile:


Ouch :face_with_head_bandage:!!! so the ones that are on order get sent out first ? Should I order for now so I get on the list ?? Or do you mean you guys ordered tons ?

A friend fo mine ( Yes I have some ). Told me the triple crown rubbers work with Sorbo channels ? Any others that do ?

Thanks Chris !

not a fan of ettore eh

Yes I am a fan. I use ettore for all my other squeegee 18s and below which I use on residential Can’t use Ettore with Sorbo channels.

24” is my main squeegee I use for route work.I use Sorbo wide body’s 24” and above for route work

Actually I use the 24” on everything , I have 26” and 30” and I use them on a couple of dealerships i do.

I’ll try a different rubber. It’s just I’ve always had Sorbo available and they are good rubbers , so I don’t know what others work with these channels.

Black Diamond has a flat top, medium density rubber that fits Sorbo channels. Also pretty sure WCR sells it. Just throwin it out there👍


This is the only other option → BlackDiamond Flat Top Squeegee Rubber | Window Cleaning | WCR –

Yes exactly we have tons on order. :slight_smile:

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Oh I forgot this will also fit Ettore Soren Squeegee Rubber | Supplies | WCR –


Oh cool . Didn’t think Ettore had something that would fit Sorbo. I stand correct. Thanks !!

Get Ettore super channel and never deal with flat top rubber again

I have to many Sorbo channels already. I’ve used super channels for years those are good channels. It’s all preference for the most part.
I was thinking about buying a couple fo super channels, but being that I can use Ettore rubbers with them I’m good

Why not just grab some of the Ettore Sorin rubber? I’ve been running black diamond lately and can’t complain. They seem to wear a bit faster than ettore but for the price…

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