Special: 20 windows for

I cannot make up my mind on my special… lol… this is the first time for me and im wondering what you guys all do… i normally try to charge by the hour (40$). how much are your 20 windows and where are you from? If you dont mind sharing ofcourse… also, how much would you charge for an average roofcleaning and siding? thx

$40 an hour is really low. When I do a 20 window special I mostly do it for $219.00. 20 windows inside and out take about an hour for 2 guys.

On a house wash special I have been doing it for $269 3000sq’ or less than up sale gutter brightening and concrete cleaning. For gutter brightening I get around .75-1.25 per foot.

I shoot for $100/hr min. charging by the pane