Spider repellant, anyone familiar with process

the thread about taking down spider webs reminded me i want to find out about spider repellant and have had little results from google.

I have seen it applied with a pump style canister sprayer. Its very oily and does a number on the glass, however it washes off fairly easy … it works from what I have seen.

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Interesting, following.

There is no such thing as a spider “repellant”

There are insecticides that leave a residue that if the spider spends enough time in contact with the incecticide residue they will pick up a lethal dose.

The most common for spiders are in the class called synthetic pyrethroids, basicly any incecticide that ends in -thrin (i.e. Bifenthrin, deltamethrin, cypermethrin, cyfluthrin) but the spide needs anywhere from a few minutes up to 3-4 hours of being in contact with the residue to pick up a lethal dose, hence the reason the sprays are typically applied to areas where spiders hang out such as the foundation for hunting type spiders and the eves for web dwelling spiders


Spraying insecticides you must have a license and permit here. Check with your local city agency’s before you offer it to clients. Just a heads up.


Thats pretty much most of the world

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so I have been slowly poisoning myself washing it off these peoples windows…

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Do you drink what comes off the windows?



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I did the math one day, the LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of the test population) for a common incecticide was X mg/kg (milligrams per killogram)
and the LD50 for caffeine was .95X (meaning it is MORE poisonous) and at their different mix rates, what I was spraying was less dangerous than what i was drinking. (remember caffeine is a natural incecticide) so long story short, most of the incecticides in common residential use are really not all that bad.

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So, would spitting coffee on spiders be a viable alternative? Might be pricey but coffee smells better than repellent.

so were/are you an exterminator type guy?

thanks for clearing this up. :wink:

I did residential pest control for 10 years before starting a window cleaning company, the last 1.5 years was for the guy who is now the president of the PCOC

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spitting coffee on a spider will probably kill it, but it won’t stick around to leave much of a residue

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so i met a guy last summer that does spider control. he mixes his chem with purified water and says it does not show on windows. would that be true of the chems you mentioned. not coffee

i doubt it, most pesticides are mixed at .1-1% active ingredient, so that is what, 1000-10,000 ppm? seems like that would show up