Spokane's #1 Window Cleaning Business for Sale

Well guys, It’s been fun. It’s been stressful. It’s been rewarding. It’s been 7 years of learning, growing, problem solving. You guys have celebrated the victories with me, and you’ve offered priceless counsel when I’ve been in a bind.

Thank you @Chris for your innovation, tenacity, ambition, and for starting this community. It has been the proud crutch I’ve leaned on. You guys are full of wisdom and talent.

You all are dream makers, not passer byers waiting for something better. You guys turn trial into triumph, and problems into prosperity. And I’m eternally grateful for being able to gleam from each of you, and the wisdom y’all have.

My business is for sale. Call me with questions. I’ll edit this post when it’s sold. My window Cleaning business (Save Your Glass Window Cleaning LLC) is located in Spokane Washington. I won’t be answering any specific questions that could be confidential in nature within this thread. If you have any questions by all means feel free to call or text me on my personal cell.

Business for Sale Ad:

Jarred Thomas

Well congrats on the next stage of life! Maybe talk to Justin Monk?

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