Spray Paint

Just got a new account that hasnt been cleaned in years. It has some white spray paint on one of the windows and im wondering what is best to remove it. Ive tried the ole fashion razor and steel wool no luck soo far. I assume paint thinner or something like that might be a bit risky so anything not so harsh would be nice to try first.

You could try Oil-Flo and a white scrub pad.

Ive heard a lot of talk about that lately, ive never tried it but i might have to pick some up.

A razor didn’t work? What kind of razor were you using, and did you try a fresh blade? I’ve always been able to clean paint and the like with a fresh blade… even when it’s several years old.

Me too! never heard of overspray not coming off with a fresh razor blade,

thx GP

Yes I tried a new blase I use the triumph razor. The window has scratches on it already so I am not able to full out go at it with a razor either. Tested in a corner and it is scratching with more than a gentle scrap. To clear things up it is pretty thick and years old from what I understand. It is graffiti so it is on there pretty good.

Are you sure there isn’t some kind of acid etching at work here.:confused:

It almost appears like the paint or whatever it is has merged itself with the glass!

Sounds like the punks may have added some acid to make the paint etch into the glass.:mad: