Sprayway vs. Simple Green on tough fingerprints...?

I got hit with some nasty fingerprints on my latest commercial account. It is a restaurant where children would certainly be and the windows go down to their level. Ecover did nothing and I was stuck trying to use steel wool forever these prints. They were terrible. I do not have to worry about tint.

For those who have already done it…which is better, Sprayway or Simple Green?

Never tried Sprayway specifically for grease, but I’ve used Simple Green and some good agitation at KFC and BK with success.

Simple Green will definitely work… SprayWay seems to do really well on fingerprints too though. Either one should work fine.

I have used Sprayway at KFC’s and A &W. With good results. I’ve also added a little dawn to my Glass gleam 3 to help cut the grease. But on the heavier buildup I still had to use Sprayway.

Also take a look at Titan Green - quite impressive.

Simple Green is far better than Sprayway for greasy fingerprints in my opinion. We do a Gatti’s Pizza with tinted windows every other week and S.G. works like magic.


I always thought it was spelled TSP (with stars and exclamations points and huge pictures of smiley faces everywhere).

I didn’t recognize what you were talking about at first.