Spring Flier, give it a look

I’m working up some marketing stuff for this spring, and wanted your thoughts.

Critique: Content, Layout, Wording, Spelling. I really respect the opinions of all you guys (and gals). Give me a hand if you would.

Click here to download

Ryan Doliber
SC Windows

Sparkling Clean Window Washing | Minneapolis, Minnesota home window washing

I wish I had time to…

I’ll try to find some time

I like it, I don’t know how effective it could be since I’m still green at this marketing stuff.
What is funny is that the other day I was thinking about putting something together taht was related to High Definition too. My idea was to get something out on time for the Superbowl and get the Big Game kinda mixed with my services, but my timming was awful.

Keep us posted on how it goes.

Good luck.

looks good. i could make a few changes, but nothing major.
you have one misspelling…
“Love the Sparkling Clean Windows that residents of Maple Grove have [B]know [/B]for years” should be [B]known[/B]
also another tidbit, not really a big deal but anytime you can eliminate the word “that” most times it is not necessary. helps with delivering a concise message. a good example is your line listed above…remove “that”. again nothing major just a little tidbit from my days of training development and editing.
good luck!