Spring has sprung

so i don’t know what the weather is like where you are but the sun came out monday and between then and today we’ve booked $8000 in new work. how bout you?


Since March, pretty well booked for year, snowed 4" last night. They say spring is here?


That is awesome Ben.

I’m up 1.546x previous year for Jan-March.

That’s with 3 weeks being unplugged, family commitments.


How is work in New York? I’ve always been interested in doing window cleaning in New York but I feel as though I’ll get into it there in around a decade. Do you have the big skyscraper buildings?

I’m super happy for you.

Jan and Feb were both up about 50% from 2017 but march was down 17% from 2017.

we already have 87% of what we did last april booked for this april and have room (according to my estimates) for another 75.4% more than last year. (and that is without working weekends)


Thanks Ben!

I hope you fill that other 75.4%!

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Geez, brother. Where are you located? I’d be lucky to get $1,000 right now.

Yeah deep north Minnesota not doing hot right now. Finally started booking my first clients of the year for next week, but the phones not flying off the hook yet… needless to say I’m getting a little worried. Just breath, spring will come. Glad you guys are doing well though, keep it up.

NJ is still coooooold.

Though I worked in a t shirt at 47 degrees today and loved it.

Still a bit chilly here in the Mid Atlantic. Hasn’t even gotten into the sixties yet. Supposed to be in the eighties this weekend though! We’ve been at it since the beginning of March. Just had to push the roofs and gutter whitenings till things warm up.

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I live in South Dakota. I started spring marketing on the first day of spring, got a few clients from that… And then mother nature decided that was not in fact spring, and we have had freezing weather, a crap ton of snow, a couple warm days, then more freezing weather and more snow, now there is another 14 inches in the forecast!!! It’s really aggravating, had to reschedule a house or to, and I should be booking like crazy right now!

Same with our weather here. Its all over the place! Today was warmer, then rain then snow and cold again.
I also started to book a few new clients but I am not starting until May for residential :slight_smile: better weather plus I have family stuff these next 2 weekends. No ones in a rush, so it’s perfect.

Ugh… Take out the trash is not work brother.

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Show off! Lol jk

I like how you book out the year based on prior years work and returned signed contracts by March.

Very nice system Jeff

It’s taken years to book so far. Build that customer base by simply doing what we commit to. We are very fortunate to have repetitive customers in our business.

I believe its easier for me too because I service many large commercial properties, where one account can take 1 week or more.

I am at the point I cant keep up with the demand of bids requested. Had another campus call today wanting outsides 3 times a year with a 1st floor monthly. Roughly $60,000 year account. How can you not bid that.


Congrats jhans

Because they did not call me! :sunglasses:

That great Jeff hope you land the contract.

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Moneybags. You’re awesome and inspiring. :star_struck: