Spring is Coming

As we all know Spring marks a beginning to a new season, as I’m sure it has been brought up many times in the plethora of threads, do y’all follow a script when calling last years customers?

I send out reminder letters to my existing clients. Starts by thanking them for their business in the past and then reminds them that my spring calendar gets filled up fast and encourages them to book early. Even if they don’t want the work done right away, they can at least get on the calendar on their desired date by booking early. Always toss in a couple business cards as well.

We start with a post card… We used this simple one last year

We are starting earlier this year than ever before. First the VIP customer early sign ups mailchimp blast goes out Feb 15th and then again March 1st. The same VIP list will get a postcard just after each e-mail if we do not have an e- mail for them. We will track the opens for the mailchimp campaigns and customers that do not open the e-mails will have a postcard sent. The VIP list consists of all customers with homes ranging from $400-1500. Once we have given the VIP list the 45 day head start and booked up most of the bigger homes we will hit the entire list with the same method above ( e-mail first and then postcards).

Roughly 80 percent of our residential customers are on a schedule so there is no need to email unless its their time for a service. This January has been amazing in and out of the office so I guess I should thank global warming for the steady work in the winter.

Overall i am ready for spring despite the allergies :slight_smile: