Spring is in the air

So its starting to warm up in NJ… we may hit 75 this sunday!

Im so excited to get the spring season started… I figure we should be full bore in about 6 weeks. Our first round of mailers I usually time to hit on the first day of spring.

Everyone excited?

Butterflies means $$$ :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… after a long winter…im excited for it!

it is always spring or summer in So California

I hate to tell you all but the warm weather we are having now is giving people that spring cleaning itch. things are already picking up and I am looking forward to the next few months.

It hailed on me today (exterior only; tree pitch removal [****ing tree service dudes!]) and we might get some snow tonight.

The warm up has people getting the spring cleaning itch. I hope for a record year despite the economy.

Yo Tony,

how much did you gross last year if you dont mind me asking???

We had 5 inchs of snow Sunday evening. That’s pretty rare here in the Upstate of SC. It’ll be known as the “Blizzard of '09” for years to come.

But it’s also supposed to be around 70’s by the end of the week. The phone has started to ring for residential again, but people want to wait until after the pollen has fallen.

Even up here in Toronto. It’s going to get warm. Maybe 57 degrees on Friday. It’s been a long cold snowy winter…but winter aint over yet, we still can get snow up til early April

Let’s just say under 45K. Up from the previous year by 10K Even after selling off the storefront part of our work which amounted to over 10K of sales.

good to hear.

what are your goals for 2009?

I’d like to keep it modest. Maybe 50-60K.

Micah, I think we’re in the worst area in the country for pollen. It can really mess up residential in the months of March and April.

Some of my regulars (residential) don’t even think about getting their windows cleaned before May.

Perhaps now would be a good time to begin marketing a monthly house route for the express purpose of ridding them of the pollen and keeping their view clear.:slight_smile: With the wfp it would be easy work and you could keep the price economical for them as well.

That has definitely crossed my mind. The problem is that the pollen would be right back on the glass as soon as you clean it because it’s constantly blowing around in the air and settling on everything in sight.

If you don’t have visible pollen there in Iowa, just imagine everything in sight covered with yellow powder. It’s an awful mess that usually isn’t completely gone until early June.

It’s especially bad when you don’t have good rains to wash the pollen off of everything.

For us there are a few places where the pollen is an issue. When I lived further south in Iowa I had one monthly customer that had pollen issues like you’re talking about. She still loved getting the stuff off the windows if even for one day. Just have to find the right people I guess.

Definitely looking forward to spring … we were in the 60s this week … but it’s cooling off again. Already much better than last spring, we had snow in June.

More rain – lots – and hail tonight, but no snow (yet.)

It should be ~65° early next week.

And be as smooooothe talking as Tony E.! :smiley: