Spring Postcard Delivery Timing

What is the best day of the week for Spring postcards to be delivered?

While next Wednesday is the first day of Spring, we have cold and rain forecasted until the following weekend.

I was going to mail this week but huge storm hitting this weekend. So hopefully mid next week mailing

Oh, I forgot to add that Wednesday is the day of the week all the bulk mail inserts hit around here.

We aim for days where the mail is light. If the middle of the week is all junk mail (like it is here) any other time should work out well.

three weeks ago worked for me

ILast year I would drop mine off on thurs and there were calls fri/sat/sun/mon sometimes - in other words they don’t necessarily sit there

I compare it to picking UPS ground (5-9 days) on Amazon, but still getting what you ordered in 2 days. It’s not guaranteed, but it pretty much happens anyway

jan/feb coulda worked, if we had known the weather was gonna be so nice, I didn’t even get proofs from my graphic artist until just 2 weeks ago

I mailed my on March 2nd. it was was friday, payday for most, also first of the month for retirement checks and ssn checks. I had a great postal worker to work with and she looked at what kind of mail is going out.

So far I have gotten 2.7% calls and landed 95% of those. My next mailing is going out next Friday.

Larry the weather looks pretty decent next week by you?

Monthly Weather Forecast for Chico, CA - weather.com

Do I have the right forecast there?

big number,great job!2,7% from ?

1410 pcs mailed. next weeks I have 3,000 being printed.

great.1st week of April I’m mailing 1300pcs.Hope for your number!

get with your postal workers and talk nice to them. Tell them what kind of clients you are looking for and tell you when all the other people are mailing theirs. My told me when large amount of checks was being mailed, like retirements, gov checks and so forth. I think my success was more on timing the mailings.

EDDM has made a believer out of me… NO MORE DOOR TO DOOR Flyers for me…this is much easier and less time consuming.

I hope everyone on this forum does better than me, not that I think I am doing bad, just I love to hear success stories.

Sent mine out last Wednesday in good weather and am now rescheduling all the work with storm in forecast.

I’ve got 10000 wcra cards going out first week of April and 5000 of my pressure washing cards going out week later. That’s triple what I did last years first mailing. Guess we will see.

95% closing rate? really? Is that considered “good” in the window cleaning business? Someone needs to fill me, you can call or PM if you like

My rule of thumb is 90% - If I see anything higher than that, its a good sign you can dole out some nice price increases.

I have been going up and up and up, but it seems like these two neighborhoods don’t have a ceiling yet. The average home has about 12-16 windows and 2 doors. Double hung windows, no screens, single story and I am right at 250. should I go higher?

wow i’d like to get $450 for 34 panes and no screens!!

others in my area would do that for anywhere from $39 - $149 depending on who they chose

Their mortgage is probably 400 a month