Hi all of you who live in the north. I am so ready for good ,warm weather and spring. So that I can get busy. Cleaning windows,power washing, gutter cleaning. Get the picture. Just an introduction to who I am.
Have a good day.
You Can See Through Our Work

Hey Allan … welcome… Where in the north do you live?

Welcome Allan. What do you do in the winter? Most of us work in winter weather. Check out videos here on weather or not. Lots of good tips

I’m not from the north, but hey!

Welcome Allan. From Warm Texas. I don’t see how you guys up North do it. It definately takes a special breed of wc’er. For these old bones anything under 65 is cold.

I finished a job last week during a snow squall. I must be in the north. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was the squall part that gave it away Art!:smiley:

welcome…spring has finally hit here in ohio…the rains stopped and all is well

Hey Tony,
2 funny man. Sure seems like spring is more patient than I. And more stubborn
We are still getting threats of frost and an occasional freeze over night. :eek:

We have a frost warning tonite.:eek:

We’ve got a freeze warning tonight. It’s 36.1 right now. So, where do you hail from Allan?

It’s going to be a brutal 50 degree start in the morning here. :slight_smile:

It’s been around 38°C here the past week.

Damn you larry making me do math!:smiley: