Square Feet Per Hour

I’ve never pressure washed a house, so I’m curious about how long it takes…

Give me some ballpark estimates for how long it would take to pressure wash two-story homes that are these sizes:

2,000 sq ft
2,500 sq ft
3,000 sq ft


Hard to say Randy…each job has different factors involved. Like; what are you trying to clean, what are you trying to remove, obsticles, etc…
My advice is do one and figure it out from there. No way every house will be the same even if its an identicle? model.
Many guys have a minimum of 150 per hour.

I understand…

But i just need a ballpark, Tory, a rough estimate of cleaning time for a typical home at each of these sizes…thanks.

What I am saying is that in my opinion it is nearly impossible to give a ballpark without any other information except the square footagle of the home.
I can throw numbers out there…but I don’t even know what it is you will be doing.
Client calls, “I would like to get my house pressure washed” your next question would be??
“Okay, no problem miss, what exactly do you need pressure washed? The driveway, your roof, the siding…all of the above? Do you have oil stains on your driveway? Is there mold or moss on your roof? What color is the paint on your siding? Is that lead based paint on your siding?”

See what I mean? If you got oil stains on the driveway that you are trying to get off, unless you got a hot water unit, you are gonna have a FUN time getting that out. Depending on how deep, how long its been there, how large the area of staining is…will determine the time and the price.

I just did my firt home wash a few days ago. It was a mixture of vinyle siding and brick. I charged $250 for the house wash. With setup, it took just over an hour. I think my next one can be done much quicker now that I have a feel for what Im doing. I just used some purple power and it seemed to work great. I had one mildew area that I treated with some bleach and then followed up with the purple power.

I think $250 is good for just about sized home, as long as its not to grimey and it has an easy to clean surface. (Non Stucco, brick)

2 hours max on most houses. Spider webs and covered, wrap around porches are the time consumers for the most part. Never over 100 psi and very rarely have to use a ladder.

Michael, I would like to add power washing next year. I assume these times that you posted are just you by yourself doing the power washing right?

+1. Just add about 15 minutes to his times. Mike has been at it longer then me. :smiley: