Squeegee clips

Do ettore channels come with clips? Also if they don’t would I need to buy clips or are they are “luxury”

yes, they come with brass clips that fit in each end of the channel. Their handles do not have teeth to hold the rubber in place, you need a clip to keep the rubber from sliding.

here is what they look like

Yeah I came across the brass clips just by browsing the website. Wasn’t sure if they came with or not. Any need to buy extras? High possibility of breaking or wearing out soon?

Very durable. I’m OCD so I always kept spares when they were my go to tool but honestly? I’m pretty sure they are tucked away in my shed somewhere. Never used them.

Awesome to hear. Thanks

Yeah if you’re going to cut channels you’ll need extras. The channels come with two but if you cut a channel you’ll need two more.

They don’t wear out per se but changing them every few months is a good idea. Just helps the channel perform better. Not sure how but it does.

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Gotcha makes sense