Squeegee handles

What’s everyone using for handles? I love my Ettore Contour! How about you guys?

I love the unger ergo tec handles… I have tiny little girl hands…lol Its one of the only handles I can use comfortablly.

That and the ettore backflip for store front… that thing rules…

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Before I got my WFP I used my backflip to do all my atrium windows. It knocked 'em out quick and sick! Still some jobs when I’ll pull it out to save alot of switching out on high pole work.

Unger ErgoTec XL.

Ettore Brass Quick Release and Ettore ProGrip Quick Release for me.

Steccone’s with wrapped handles;)

Good point on the wrapped handles Craig! I wrap all my handles because it helps w/ fatigue and the grip when wet.

Yes it does help! Also…i wanted to add i too love the contour handle! Of course i have my 12" Steccone channel in it;)

Love my Unger ErgoTec. Easy to change rubber, throw on larger or smaller channels and fits well with my Unger Bucket on a Belt.

Oh yeah… my Ettore Backflip is super sick for store front work.

No need to wrap Unger ErgoTec handles in my opinion (they are designed to be ergonomical and provide excellent grip.) Then again, they are for proprietary, clipless channels…

I am not head over heels for any I have tried. I have tried some that really sucked (which I will not mention).

They must be quick release

ErgoTec Handles for the most part.

ErgoTec 0° handle actually has helped me in several situations.

Unger visa versa. Use it at least once a week.

Pro-curve handle although I haven’t used it yet.

Ergo Tec Handles. Like Alex mentioned, Easy to switch out rubber. I used Ettore for the longest time. God I hate those brass end clips! Unscrewing the handle to fit rubber into sucks as well. Im exclusively residential so I dont need much as far as a pivoting squeegee. I have Ettore Super System in my van If I need one in a pinch (steep roof with skylights or a solarium). Weight of the handle and channel are the reason I chose ErgoTec.


the backflip is the bomb for pole work when its super hot out or super cold out and you need to get the job done fast.
se, pivot handles.

ive used the ettore contour at 0degrees for inside skylights.

as far as unger stuff is concerned, i have never used a handle by them.

I use an Ettore brass quick release. really comfy for those of us with small hands:o

I also forgot to mention that the ettore ledge-ez handle in many storefront/restaurant situations has saved my sorry arse from those pesky 3 or 4 inch ledges. I ve wanted to try out the ettore contour pro handle for pretty much the same reason, but I recall hearing on a few other forums that theyre not very sturdy. Can anybody give me some feedback?:confused:

Weve had a couple that all broke eventually.

My favorite squeegee handle is the Unger Ergotec. Very comfortable and lightweight. I’ve tried all of the major brands and this is my favorite.

hannels in my Ettore Contour handles. Best of both worlds!

Steccone featherweights all the way for me! Super lightweight truly the bomb!