Squeegee & Pole combination

Looking for input from other window cleaners. I’m currently using Garelick pole with wooden tip, with Moerman squeegee handle and not loving it, seems they don’t play well together. Company I worked for we used unger poles with Ninja handles and it was great. Garelick pole with Moerman handle… not so much.
Don’t want to buy all new stuff, is there a modification that can be done to pole to better accept Moerman handle.

I use a wood tip on an Ettore pole. You might try a few wraps of tape to give a little more grab to the connection between handle and tip. I have the Moerman swivel type plastic handle. I love it for hand work, but don’t care for it at the end of a pole.

Thanks for info ! I agree completely, Moerman great for hand work, but not
on end of pole, especially Garelick.

Not sure, I hate the wooden tips and by extension it means I hate the garelick pole.

@Majestic66 might be able to help

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Not a huge fan of wooden tips, over-tightening can cause them to split and crack. We’ve sold a way more plastic pole tips in the past few years.


I would agree that wrapping the tip with some electrical tape is a good move, it will give any handle a little more to grab onto.

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The electrical tape sounds like the way to go. Never had to do that I use Unger ninja handles , so like you know no problems.

I’ve been using the garlick pokes since day one with the wood tips.

I have to order some of those black plastic tips Alex put up . I’ve tried the orange plastic ones from Abc years back. Ended up going back to the wood tips.

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wrap the tip with electrical tape to stop it from moving, it works good.

Yeah that rings a bell! :wink:

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If you went from using a wide body squeegee on a pole to a standard channel it will seem very different, personally I only pole with a wide body channel.

Before I bought a garelick I knew I didnt want to use it with a wooden tip. So I saw another cleaner in a video cut the acme tip off, and drill a hole to accept a plastic tip. I chose the unger tip. After heating the bottom of the tip a bit, it fit on snugly. I could have also modified it to accept the unger angle adapter but I already had it on another unger pole. It works excellent & cost about $3 plus 15 min or so.


I know what you mean, I have the exact same issue…

I have thought of screwing the handle to the pole tip, but haven’t due to practicality of unscrewing every ten minutes. I have thought of cutting the Moerman handle just at the point where it tapers inward, but haven’t due to no wanting to wreck a tool…

So I suffer in silence :disappointed:

Never liked Garelick, and I don’t like some of the new Ettore poles that have the internal locking mechanism. I love the Unger Ninjas. But for smaller stainless steel squeegee channels 22" and under I put together an Ettore swivel Super System handle with the steel grippy teeth from a stainless steel handle. That way I don’t have to use the brass clips with the channels when I use them with the swivel handle. Is there another squeegee handle that swivels, that accommodates the thin stainless steel channels that you don’t have to use clips with, especially one that swivels but you can also lock into place like the Unger Ninjas?

I was going to suggest the same thing. I would cut the acme tip off and add a different tip. The tape idea would work but at some point your going to have to be re wrapping it and in the heat I could see the adhesive getting all over your handles. That’s just my personal preference though.

Nice…i really wanted it for the 1/4 turn lock & that was really great (until my former partner ran off with it after we split up haha jk - i let him have it but i need to get a 25-35’ wfp anyway so it’s cool). For now its the unger optilock…

Should have added… so I just don’t use Moerman tools on the end of my poles, I use Ettore which fit like a glove.

Was it the green unger standard pole tip that you used, if so, it fit inside the Garelick ok ???

Unger has 2 different green tips…one fits inside and the other slides over the top. I got the ergotec tip & had to heat it because it slides over the top. Not sure about inner dimensions of garelick poles whether the other ones work or not.