Srp Scratch Removal

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about investing in this machine next year. I think it would go great in my area, since it removes hard water as well. A couple of questions though.

Can you treat a window more than once?
How much do you charge(In very general terms)
How long does it take? ( Example: 4x4 window that needs every square inch gone over)
What’s the learning curve?

Thanks a lot,


Hey Josh,

When you say “treat more than once” are you referring to stain removal or scratch restoration?

For scratch removal you can charge just under replacement cost. If it costs more than a new window its not really cost affective for the customer.

As far as working on a 4 x 4 piece of glass, scratches can take well over an hour or more as well as stains. All depends on the severity.

There is a learning curve but there are a lot of little tricks that you will pick up along the way to help you. I always learn something new whenever I talk to someone else who does scratch restoration.

Hope this helps some.

Thanks for the info. When I said " treat more than once" I guess I meant both. For example, if a store front gets key-tagged, you remove it, and it happens again? Or perhaps I had a customer that had a HW window by their pool, could I treat this more than once?


You can treat scratches a few times. But just be aware, every time you take scratches out of a piece of glass, you remove layers of glass.

As far as removing hard water stains, that will not take off any layers of glass ( to any severe degree ) it just buffs out stains.

Cool. I have a better picture of how this would work.

Until next year I shall… Think about it. :slight_smile:


Hey Josh

I tossed a free SRP dvd in your order that shipped out this morning.

Either Mandy or Alex sent me a SRP video. I have been looking for it in the mail but never got it.

I found it today under some papers on the table. How it got there I don’t know. My wife said she never saw it before. I watched it just this afternoon.

Chris and Alex, you guys don’t have any new strange super quick shipping methods do you?

Anyhow, that dvd is very informative. I understand why the system is priced the way it is now.

Odd you mention this.

Just yesterday I found a water fed pole under a pile of mail on my table.

don’t you remember me sending you that?

No…but that might be because I found the six pack under the newspaper first. :slight_smile:

Could be.

Was it you that used to do scratch restoration?

It was.
From a rope, from a lift, off a ladder, off a cliff, to the ground in the round (sorry)

used the Hog, used 3 srp’s, used the hand held GT glass version, used black magic, we did doors and bay windows and glass curtains and shower doors…side lights, top lights…no lights…headlights…windshields, sliders, crankers, encasements…

yes. it was me.

Impressive. How come you got out of it? If you don’t mind me asking. Sounds like you had it down.

Building here started to dry up. I was deep into CCU at the time.

Builders started paying late…then went to not paying. I had to pay a lawyer to go after a handful of builders here.

I lost a ton of money trying to collect a ton of money.

I had completely under estimated how builders can treat people.

Here I had saved them T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D-S and was charging way less…and still had to fight for my money?

In one week, I sold the equipment and the accounts…made more on the sale than i had lost doing the suit.

I walked away. They (builders) still call me from time to time. Imagine my answer.

The guy I sold it all to had the same exact experience.

Bummer… Stingy contractors

Just saw your post.
Thanks a lot.
I will watch and be glad.


Hello deeper cleaned, i hear your pain !! But we can all learn something from this !! Every body loses once in a while !! I can’t seem to get them to do the restore thing !! They just love all those schratchs and such !! They just do nothing !!! But i still get a waver or no work !! I’ve lost jobs and the great window cleaner just helps them out !! Tons of work and they thinks the ins. Pays for it!! Not!! I hope we can get some imput from other people ??? Thanks, stan, pro window kleening

I have to agree with ADC about the late pay issue. If he and I have talked about one subject more then scratch removal it’s this accounts payable. Like him I have worked on just about the same stuff he has, other then commercial glass and the money (billing) is stupid good ( $1000.00 a day) but collecting is just as stupid bad.
If that problem can be fixed and trust me I’m working on it that is a great add on once you have the scratch system you like up and running.
Funny thing is I want to add WC to my scratch business and I bet most people do it the other way.

Hey man, I would love to sell you mine! I am not saying this to be a jerk or anything but I have not found a way to market it. for me it was one of those “good ideas” that sits on the shelf.

I have all of the systems Srp, Scratch Hog, I even started with a hand made wooden backing plate that went in to my drill. take it from me the system that has allowed me to make more repairs in the least amount of time is the cuurent system I have now; the Glass Renu system. Absolutely the fastest and most distortion free results available. Since this system has been out 06 or 07 several wannabe’s have surfaced. But its the co founder thats called to do work with his system all over the northern hemisphere . this guy has been responsible for completing more $10k $20K and more jobs than anyone else I know. This is really the only system worthwhile in my opinion. I just completed a severe hardwater removal by grinding into this glass and then polishing it out. Winsol would have categorized this as a cat II meaning replace the glass however I manged to save this company over 7 grand vs replacement. Below is the sample I provided to get the job better me then the glazier and it green too!