SRP (Shat R Proof) Glass Restoration Novus System

Update! 08/09/2009 If you are still reading this post then the machines are still available for sale. I will take it off when sold. They will be posted up for auction on EBAY.

Hardly used SRP Shat R Proof glass restoration Novus system. Machines are in used condition and are designed to take off graffiti etching, scratches and water stains out from glass. Machines can also be used to polish and remove scratches from old iron white bath tubs and restoring them back to new condition. I’ am selling the complete system with 3 machines and lots of accessories and materials included. Picture only shows 2 machines but I have 3 machines. Complete 3 package system cost over $6500. Start your own business part time or full time. This is an untapped market with lots of money potential in both residential and commercial. The picture listed in sale is exactly the same as the items for sale. I was unable to take a picture of the machines and accessories but I’ am working on it. If you own a window cleaning business or plan on starting one, this is an add-on bonus to your business. There is nothing out there in the market that will do what these machines can do. Your customers will love you for it, and will refer you to plenty of new customers.

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Does hardly used mean you were hard on them when you used them? Or do you mean that you did not use them very often? :slight_smile:

Funny post. I love it when you guys go outside the box.

Having used 3 srp’s full time in my biz…they are awesome machines. This seems like a great deal.

If anyone here buys it…you can PM me or ask here for what worked for me in selling this service. I made rude cash doing this service. $3-5k a week per machine.

Update! 08/09/2009 If you are still reading this post then the machines are still available for sale. I will take it off when sold. They will be posted up for auction on EBAY.

When I bought the system it came with 2 machines and accessories including extra material. I later got busier and purchased a third machine in used condition. Unfortunately my means of transportation came to a screeching halt (accident). The machines have spent 95% of there existence in my garage being stored. If you shop around you will find out how difficult it is to buy these machines in used condition. Every body and anybody who purchases these machines rarely puts them up for sale, since they can easily start generating you thousands of dollars in literally weeks. Have you ever wonder what one piece of glass located in a hotel cost? Believe it or not, one piece of glass can cost in the $5000.-$25,000 range and even more. When an adolescent decides to go out and express his art talent’s by scratching or etching his nick name on the glass, or an adult who accidentally scratches the glass with his or her jewelry. Guess what? You have just gotten your customer who will repeatedly use you and instantly recommend you to others in need of your unique service. You will have saved the hotel or business thousands of dollars simply by being able to remove the damage with out having to spend $5,000.-$25,000. to replace the glass. I can promise you one thing, glass companies will hate you! Who doesn’t want to save a buck or two, especially in times like these. One more tip, businesses generally will not turn you down because they have the ability to claim the damages as a write-off when they do there annual taxes. Your income will strongly depend on how eager and motivated you are in capitalizing in a unique untapped business opportunity for your self. The sky is the limit!

does anyone have a used system for sale? I am going to imagine that this particular one has been sold because the post is two years old.