Stacked windows giving problems with drip down

Hey guys, we are in the middle of a huge project and these stacked window are giving us problems with drip down every time,even if you do the seals and come back and do the glass. Hit me with some suggestions if you’ve tackle windows like this before. Thanks guys!

Any way to do this trad?

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You could use Trad just get a ladder up there An that’s a great way to do it
I just picked up a monthly with that same set up of windows. I wfp them :smile:

For Wfp

Being that I do mine on a monthly

I just scrub the hell out of that arch frames windows really good An just rinse good let drip down for a good 10 min. ( go do something else or smoke a Butt. Them do the rest.

Plus don’t forget those are dead plates can’t see them from the insides
It will also be hard to see spots from down below, So just scrub that whole arch really good , an let drip …then finish the rest
This is the one I do


Unger green pads are great for touch ups!


Use dry?

Two totally different types of arches. The first one with complaints of leaking is because the frames are more Hollow and thicker holding the water inside them leaving more to leak out

True … but still same concept allow drip time an he should be fine

Thanks guys. You’ve been very helpful. Ill allow more drip time and use my unger pads to detail

Let er drip move on and come back around