Stained 10 Story Reflective Restoration - HELP!

OK, here’s the deal. I did a demo on this building and they liked it. I can do about 100 sq. ft. an hour per guy. I know its not that fast but this stuff looks really crappy. It’s the reflective crap from the 80’s with the coating on the OUTSIDE! Yes, the Outside! Anyway, I called the manufacturer (Viracon, PPG) and they said NO ACIDS! That rules out Safe Restore, Winsol and pretty much everything! Anyway, I mixed up my own “NO ACID” formula that seems to be working fine but its slow.
So here’s the quandary. What do you charge for this kind of slow job? They’re going to cover the lift and my materials shouldn’t be more than 10-25% of materials cost. SO does anyone have this type of job on their resume? What is a good rate for this type of restoration? Thanks

After you remove the runoff/staining are you going to seal the surface?

What do you recommend? If theres something to keep it from coming back, we’re gonna use it.